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We're a crystal ball for Washington, D.C. -- a policy studio that forecasts the coming tech disruptions to future-proof America. We bring innovators together with policymakers so they can prepare for tomorrow, together.
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AI’s potential for societal benefit while mitigating its disruptive impacts on individuals, communities, nations, and civilization.

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Emerging tech is upending national and economic security. See how we're shaping a more resilient future U.S.

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Think tanks are slow. The future is fast.

Introducing Policy Labs

Rapid-fire design thinking workshops with innovators and bipartisan leaders. Turn challenges into actionable outputs in weeks, not months.

Each Future US Institute deploys Policy Labs within its focus area. These multi-week policy sprints employ a rapid design thinking approach to to do three things at once: understand emerging tech trends, dig deep into the creative policy levers that can unlock that tech to solve problems, and design a campaign that can allow us to bring unique coalitions together to get things done fast.

The result? America is better prepared - faster - for tomorrow's tech disruptions.

How it works

Turning ideas into action. Not boring reports.
Step 1: Bring People Together
We connect two sets of leaders — innovators and policymakers — so they can co-create solutions to our country's biggest problems.
Step 2: Design solutions, fast
We hold action-oriented policy labs, where experts test and refine novel public policy solutions to these challenges.
Step 3: Deploy to create impact
Finally, we build coalitions to achieve rapid impact — whether it's preparing lawmakers for a major tech shift or helping agency leaders take action to prepare the country.

We break down silos and work with the best

Scr*w whitepapers.
We create change, fast.


There are a lot of ways to drive change in D.C., and one of the worst is writing a report or white paper and expecting someone to do something about it. We don't have the time (or the patience).


That's why our Policy Labs are designed to produce concrete, actionable recommendations for decision makers.


And we use all possible pathways to help them turn those ideas into action -- from advising on legislation and executive action to shaping federal investment in bleeding-edge tech.

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AI + Election Security Policy Lab

Led by a Civic Strike Force

Xander Schultz

Founder, One for Democracy

Miles Taylor

Chief Policy Officer
FMR Chief of Staff, DHS; Best Selling Author

Lara Stein

Chief Creative Officer
Founder, Ted-X; BOMA Global

Evan Burfield

Chief Strategy Officer
Co-Founder, 1776; Author, Regulatory Hacking

+ With support from our diverse, world-class advisory

Beth Turner
Managing Partner, SV Angel
Ty Montague
Founder, Co:Collective
Layla Zaidane
President, CEO, Future Caucus
Danny Crichton
Head of Editorial, LUX Capital
Chris Temple
Co-Founder, Director, Optimist
Jamie Metzl
Founder, Author, One Shared World, Author of Hacking Darwin
Jess Teutonico
Executive Director, We Are Family Foundation
John Borthwick
CEO, Betaworks
James Barnes
Founder, CEO, Second Voice
Jolene Creighton
Fmr. Founding Editor-in-Chief, Futurism
Jeff Fraser
Founder, CEO, Blue Dunes Growth
Mark Harvey
Former Resilience Director, NSC, The White House
Matt Stepka
Managing Partner, Machina Ventures
Jim Millstein
Co-Chairman, Guggenheim Securities
Dan Selz
Director of Innovation, Leadership Now, Fmr. VP @ XPRIZE
Austin Carson
Founder, Seed AI
Don Miller
CEO, Best Selling Author, StoryBrand
Jim Clark
Lead, AI & The Future of Employment & Income Initiative, The Future US
Nouriel Roubini
Economist, Professor Emeritus, NYU Stern School of Business
Luke Schoenfelder
Founder, Latch
Zachary Schlosser
Founder, Ellimist.AI
Steven Olikara
Founder, President, Future Caucus, Bridge Entertainment Labs
Denver Riggleman
CEO, Former Congressman (VA), RIIG, US House of Representatives
Hany Farid
Professor, Board of Directors, UC Berkeley, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative
Scott Moore
Co-Founder, Founder, Gitcoin, Public Works
Erik Brynjolfsson
Director, Stanford Digital Economy Lab
Chris Lindstrom
Co-Founder, CyclEffect Regenerative Ventures
Genny Mayhew
Founder, CTO, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Uttam Jain
Managing Director, Longfellow Healthcare Partners
Josh Graham Lynn
CEO, Represent US