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New Effort to "Inoculate" U.S. Voters Against AI Misinformation
Ryan Heath
A bipartisan coalition, including Hollywood influencers, civil society groups and AI experts, is addressing the potential threat of deepfake manipulation in U.S. elections. Led by The Future US, the coalition is organizing a campaign designed to raise awareness and effectively mitigate the impact of AI-driven misinformation, highlighting the crucial need for coordinated efforts given the current lack of communication between federal agencies and social media platforms.
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AI Could "Supercharge" Misinformation in 2024 Election. How Will Pennsylvania Officials Combat It?
Dan Snyder
The 2024 election cycle faces unprecedented challenges as advancements in artificial intelligence technology enable the creation of highly convincing fake videos and images, intensifying concerns among security experts about the proliferation of misinformation.
Podcast | General
Tech'ed Up: Regulatory Hacking
Evan Burfield
Head of Strategy at The Future US, Evan Burfield, joins Niki with an update on how hacking the regulatory environment for start-ups has changed over the last few years. They take a deep dive into minerals and bioeconomy tech, talk human brain interfaces, and how building coalitions is essential to being strategic in approaching Washington. 
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Featured on NBC
Miles Taylor
Deepfakes are the new spam — like the Nigerian princes in your inbox, asking you to wire $10,000… but 100x more dangerous for democracy.
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NBC News: Experts War-Gamed What Might Happen If Deepfakes Disrupt the 2024 Election
Dan De Luce and Kevin Collier
"The Deepfake Dilemma" exercise underscores the urgent need for improved coordination and public education to counter the spread of AI-generated disinformation in the upcoming 2024 election.